My makeup line was inspired directly by the thousands of brides and women who I have served over the years. My clients told me repeatedly that they wanted to look beautiful, natural, and flawless on their big day. I wanted to enable them to feel that way every day. It pained me to hear their stories about overspending on products that were ineffective and sometimes even damaging to their skin.

After months of research and testing (never on animals, but sometimes on myself!), Kelly Zhang Cosmetics was born. Each and every product is packed with minerals, vitamins and antioxidants that care for your skin as it delivers superior, long lasting color and pigmentation.

My cosmetics line is designed to help you feel naturally beautiful not only on your wedding day, but every day thereafter. It is both affordable and accessible, without sacrificing quality. I look forward to hearing your thoughts about Kelly Zhang Cosmetics. I know that once you try the phenomenal products in this line, you will be as excited about its launch as I am.